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asked 4/3/2013
James Nagy2
James Nagy

1 Answer

serseriyimHi, im excatly trying to make a site like;

Afteri installed "Socail Groups" extension in dnn 7.0.5 i found only "create a group" and a console modüle.

How can i install Blog, questions&answers, events etc...

And i cant login/register with facebook auth in dnn 7.0.5 is there a bug? Nothing shown except basic auth. (Yes i installed fb auth in modules page)

Note: please add tags to select in Q&A page so someone can ask question...
answered 4/17/2013 serseriyim 2
  • Serseriyim, Hi, thanks for posting here. 1st, there should have been a big green Ask A Question button at the top of the form, where you could have asked your questions at. Was it not visible or not obvious? We want more people to use this functionality so I just want to make sure that it is findable.

    Anyway, you need to go to to find and download the core modules that you are looking for. Blog, Q&A, and Events are all there. Download them, and then go into Host, Extensions and install them. If they install correctly, you should have new modules that you can load onto pages. (Be sure to backup your database and filesystem before you install any modules into a DotNetNuke site)

    As far as Login/Facebook, you have to install the Facebook provider and hook it up into your Facebook account (You will need to access Facebook developer tools for this) is made up of a bunch of modules, including several third party modules that you can find in the DotNetNuke store.

    I hope this information helps. - James Nagy 4/17/2013

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