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August Meeting Recap, Videos

Shawn retires, other DNN news, review of social modules, World DNN Day?, SQL table monitoring

Author: Don Gingold

Lazy days of summer? Not hardly! We covered a lot of news and information in this edition of the User Group meeting. Read on for reviews and video clips of the meeting.

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Upcoming August Meeting: Online & NEW TIME (8pm)

DNN news, Community via the Platform, SQL debugging on tap

Author: Don Gingold

Come in when the street lights come on and join us online. We'll have our August meeting online starting at 8:00 pm.

On tap: latest news of the DNN community; Review of Tuesday's Webinar, and Tech Talk on SQL monitoring. Read on for meeting link and other details.

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July Meeting Recap

Latest DNN news, DNN Sharp Demo

Author: Don Gingold

Better late than never, the video clips from the July meeting finally made their way to online streaming storage and ready for you to view. Sorry for the delay. Those "lazy days of summer" never made it here! Let's review what happened at the meeting...

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DNN 7.3, Hotcakes Demo, and Conference Plans at Chicago Meeting.

Great food, friends, discussion at the June in-person meeting

Author: Don Gingold

You missed a fun and informative time if you weren't part of our June meeting. Our speaker, Will Strohl, was in town at a conference so we had a live, in-person event, but still held it online so others could attend virtually. Here's what you missed.

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Are You Ready for Changes?

We are -- and we want your help making them

Author: James Nagy
“Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

- Albert Einstein.

I said to Don, “We gotta do something different, man!”
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