Thing I learned at DNNcon

Thing I learned at DNNcon

Published on Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thing I learned at DNNcon

A quick summary of the conference by an attendee

Here is a compilation of significant points learned during the DNNcon last weekend.

  • The Telerik controls are being phased out (as early as the next major release - DNN7.4 - in Q1 of 2015). This includes the default RAD HTML editor (which will be replaced by the CK editor). You can get a jump on this by installing and configuring the CK Editor package from codeplex.

  • The project roadmap is now being maintained by longtime community member Oliver Hines, and can be found here: This includes the upcoming major releases, including DNN8, which will incorporate the New Admin UI that DNN Social is using today.

  • DNN is looking at potentially more "solution"-based packages, targeted at more specific use cases, including a non-CMS based DNN that would be even more stripped down than the dnn platform build. Also mentioned was (for example) one that Peter Donker is probably going to be championing which would include content-specific modules like the blog module.

  • There definitely was a noticeable migration (both with the speaker topics as well as the attendees) away from knockout and towards Angular from a js framework perspective.

Sessions I attended

  • Editor.css
    This had to do with manipulating the Editor.css file within the DNN framework to allow your content editors to both more accurately see how their HTML content would actually look (without having to save it and view it outside the default editor), as well as showed how to incorporate additional css classes into the editor so that you could let your content editors do slick UI things (via css classing) like hover rotation and text collapsing. more info on all the sessions from 10Lb gorilla folks at

  • Start using Today's technologies, leverage razor, json, and angular in your projects
    This was presented by razor evangelist Danial Mettler (see his blog posts on at, and discussed how the paradigm of software development was moving away from not only webforms but also any server-focused technology.

  • Lost and Found: the new DNN search
    This was basically an overview of the substantial change that happened to search in DNN7, where it basically switched from being homegrown search creation to leveraging Lucene for its backend solution. The presenter talked about the ability to target search results via content types in the settings.

  • Using Jquery and the DNN Framework for exceptional user experience (Carter Solutions)
    Talked about the site and getting ui snippets from there, as well as his working samples at

  • Using reactive extensions (RXJS) in DNN
    This was a session by InspectorIT's Jon Sheely, and it was very impressive. I had only briefly heard of reactive extensions and he gave a couple of really good examples (like limiting multi-clicks of buttons and an auto-complete scenario). he also mentioned that the best 2 people to look p with regards to reactive extensions are Jafar Hussain and Matthew Podwysocki

Sessions that they taped (that should be available in a few weeks online)

  • Easily Building customized e-commerce in DNN featuring Hotcakes Commerce
  • Project Maverick - DNN on ASP.NET MVC
  • Contributing to Open Source Projects on GITHUB
  • Understanding DNN APIs and Developing for reusability
  • Sharp Look for DNN: The final Days of Wordpress

(editor's note: for a list of all sessions while it's still listed, visit

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Phil Wegrzyn

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Will Strohl

11/13/2014 12:46 PM

Personally, I wouldn't go the route of using Angular. React.js (Facebook) and Knockout.js are both much more friendly and stable for enterprise-level applications. Angular's circular dependency makes it very difficult to develop against and troubleshoot, but it has a much more active community since it's backed by Google. Knockout.js appears to also continue to have solid support in the Microsoft ecosystem and by Microsoft themselves.



8/25/2018 4:07 AM

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3/4/2020 6:53 AM

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3/4/2020 7:05 AM

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3/13/2020 1:58 AM

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Smith Blogs

4/10/2020 9:18 AM

Great discussion about DNN searchers.



4/10/2020 9:25 AM

With the help of the CSS file along with the DNS framework, we can see the appearance of the site in a visual form and we can see how the content is organized on the website.



4/16/2020 8:15 AM

the competition is irt se;if a new competition is even there so so many important that we learn all. now there a talk about online education but this for youth is very important

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