Thanks Palm Beach! Chicago Next??

Thanks Palm Beach! Chicago Next??

Published on Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanks Palm Beach! Chicago Next??

Ready for returning to Chicago for next DNN conference? We are!

We had a great time in Florida last weekend. Thanks to all who worked so hard to put it together. We'll give a quick recap in the details section, so read more. But the big question at the After Dark party was: Is Chicago Next? The short answer is "YES!!" but we need your input.

We have 3 main questions for the DNN Community, and probably more, once things get rolling. 

1. When? We're thinking end of May or beginning of June, 2014. Very pleasant in Chicagoland at that time. Would you agree, or do you want a different time?

2. Where? Downtown Chicago is tough to navigate and is pretty expensive, but it's our kind of town. The O'Hare area is easy to reach, offers loads of things to do, less expensive, more hotel venues, and is an "EL"-ride away from downtown. What's your preference? 

3. Who? Meaning ... you! Are you in? Will we see you here if this all comes to pass? How sure are you? 80%? That'd be good. 

Feel free to post your answers here and watch for a more scientific consensus in the next week or so as we put a new website together for the event.

Numerous midwestern companies chimed in with Sprocket Websites to have the event. The great folks at Gravity Works in Lansing, Enliven in St. Louis, Iowa Computer Gurus ( I barely got the question "should we have a DNN in Chicago in spring" out when Mitch said "yes!"), and Chicago's own PackFlash, Bluebolt and DotNetNuclear are all behind the idea, and the mighty Will Strohl said to pursue it, so let's hear from you all!

Now let's get back to the event just completed. Thanks to all the sponsors who put in money (above and beyond, as it turned out) to cover all the expenses, and thanks to those that did the heavy lifting. Chicago has done a Day of DNN before and we know that it ain't easy!! 

The first and foremost benefit was seeing old friends and making new ones. You couldn't keep us away, unless you were getting married, hey Gifford?? Congratulations from your friends in Chicago! Ack!  And one of the speakers, Greg Newell, arrived but had to leave on a family emergency. Don't know any details, but we hope all is well for you, Greg. 

It was great to see the DNN Corp folks - thanks to Shaun for his keynote. We were very excited as an Open Source community to see the restructuring of DNN Corp and the adoption of new tools for all of us participating in the community. We know our Chicago brethren will put them to use. We were psyched at the great list of new features in the new version 7.2 that Shaun described. We were entertained by Clint Patterson's Ignite speech on Why we should hire a southerner (and we hope the plea that we all send tweets to your wife helped you out when you got home!!). We were motivated by Joe Brinkman's ignite speech on taking the journey to contributor to the DNN project. And we were envious of Arrow's Ryan Morgan winning the old logo for being this conference's DNN Superfan.

I went to some very good talks. Cassidi from 10 Pound Gorilla showed great examples of mobile navigation alternatives, Lee Wise from the same company gave a very neat talk on letting clients update sophisticated jquery-activated content without letting them anywhere near the markup through the clever use of form and list. Don Bishop talked about how DNN makes a great employee website whether on an Intranet or the Internet (I'd love to see some example sites!) And Amelia from Gravity Works showed how we should be responsible with responsive design.

These were just a few of the talks - the ones I attended - and I'm sure the others were good, too, so if you want to chime in on your favorites by posting a comment, please do, and share the word with those of your Chicago DNN who couldn't attend.

Of course, the reception party was a blast (some arrived a little late to the conference the next day after indulging the night before, and we know who we are!) And the After Dark party was on a rooftop in Palm Beach. 'Nuff said!

We hope all the folks who attended had as successful a show as we did. Now let's consider returning to the Windy City for a slice of Chicago Style DNN in May or June. Post your comments below. Let's hear from you!!

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Don Gingold
Don Gingold>

Don Gingold

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sprocket Websites, Inc.; Co-Founder Chicago Area DotNetNuke User Group

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12 comments on article "Thanks Palm Beach! Chicago Next??"


Johnny Gregory

10/22/2013 9:11 AM

Hey Don, this is already sounding like a very much worthwhile event. I have forwarded this over to Jeff and Tony. I would love to see PowerDNN help in some way.


Jeff Hardy

10/22/2013 9:51 AM

PowerDNN has got your six.

You know that we will take care of you (and get a little creative in the process).

May is awesome. Keep us in the loop.


Jess Coburn

10/22/2013 2:52 PM

That's great to hear Don! My vote though is for the navy pier area. There's a couple swanky hotels and a couple less expensive options down there and lots to do in the area. Looking forward to good times in Chicago.. Jess


Don Gingold

10/22/2013 3:37 PM

Thank you, PowerDNN friends!!


Don Gingold

10/22/2013 3:40 PM

Thanks for the input Jess. I'm a libra, I see pros and cons to both downtown (love the navy pier area) and o'hare (that's been really built up with tons to do) so I'm hoping for lots more comments. Everybody else, what's your opinion?


Chris Hammond

10/23/2013 10:09 AM

Does she go by Cassi?

I'm in for Chicago in early May, maybe in conjunction with/after CMS Expo?


Don Gingold

10/23/2013 11:23 AM

To her friends Chris, so no, not to you! I'm sorry, a cheap shot but since you brought it up... I checked and she prefers Cassidi so I've updated the article.

I LIKE the idea of tying it to CMS Expo. I got DNN in there a few years ago when it was just mostly Joomla and Drupal, and I attended as the DNN expert (I use that term loosely) since DNN Corp decided not to go last year. But John and Linda Coonen are contemplating an every-other-year plan so there may not be a CMSexpo2014. I'll check to find out when they'll decide and if its in time and they decide to have it, I'd vote for that. Thanks for the idea!



10/23/2013 11:48 AM

Chicago sounds good to me.



10/23/2013 11:54 AM

How about on the west coast for a change.


Don Gingold

10/25/2013 4:34 PM

I'm up for that too, Sherri. Sprocket HQ is in Chicagoland, but Sprocket West Coast is in Thousand Oaks, so we'd love to see it. Let us know if you need help :-) Actually, you'd think a San Mateo company would like to have a conference near their home but maybe they long to get away, i don't know.


David Poindexter

10/26/2013 2:27 PM

Hey - all for a DNNCon in the Windy City! We unfortunately missed the Day of DNN there. ;-( Chance to redeem with a visit to DNNCon? ;-)

"DNN on the Water" at West Palm Beach, FL was a GREAT event and I would love to see more events like this in the future to kick back and have more chill time with others in the DNN Community. It is a great non-traditional networking event and really fun! So "DNN on the Water" continues, but on Lake Michigan this time? ;-)


Jason Stone

10/31/2013 3:42 PM

While I'm a fan of Jess's, I'm not a huge fan of the Pier. Rather than just be a naysayer, I wanted to make a contribution:

It looks prohibitively expensive to me (as in CRAZY pricey), but a friend in the area suggested we reach out to The Langham, which being brand-spanking new, might be open to putting together a special package to make it worthwhile.

I've also heard that Monkeyspace had success with reasonable rates and a good location in Columbia's campus. Perhaps that's an option?

Alternatively, he suggested as a resource for other venues.


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